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KPFK 60th Anniversary Unisex T-Shirt
    KPFK 60th Anniversary Unisex T-Shirt
    Purchase KPFK 60th Anniversary Unisex T-Shirt
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      KPFK 60th Anniversary Unisex T-Shirt

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    Celebrate KPFK's 60th Anniversary!
    2019 marks KPFK's 60th year on the air, and we celebrate it with this special shirt featuring a design by renowned graphic artist Shepard Fairey
    This exclusive, limited edition t-shirt was designed by Shepard in honor of our 60th Anniversary.
    Show your KPFK support and pride with this striking design!

          "The DIY culture of punk rock really opened my eyes to different perspectives and the possibility of creating alternate narratives to what's happening in the mainstream. To me, KPFK is the logical extension of that philosophy. It gives voice to people who might not have outlets through mainstream media. I know firsthand because I benefitted from KPFK as a platform when I made work opposing Bush's agenda and the Iraq War, while many mainstream outlets were still too fearful to give opportunities to people who were in opposition to Bush and the War. I think that KPFK is a vital institution and it depends on the support from its listeners, so please whether you want to purchase a t-shirt or a print of the graphic I created, or make a donation to keep an independent outlet thriving, SUPPORT KPFK!" - Shepard Fairey 

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